After fate forces them together in the Middle Ages, Doyle, a grouchy, self-important gargoyle with a major chip on his shoulder, and Chet, a decorative metal rain gutter who never shuts up, watch the world change around them for 800 years. Written and directed by Ethan Shaftel, this interactive narrative takes the visitor back and forth between augmented reality and virtual reality as Doyle and Chet learn to face an uncertain future and embrace change.

This interactive narrative takes the visitor back and forth between scenes in augmented reality and virtual reality. As their space transforms into a cathedral museum, one exhibit actually pulls them inside.

An illustrated style, with hand painted textures, helps to soften the world and characters in an experience subject to the technical limitations of a mobile VR headset. Our team, a combination of game artists and cinema animation artists, is experienced with these limitations and how to overcome them.

The creation of a complete VR/AR prototype accompanied the writing phase prior to the art and modeling, which are currently underway. This prototype serves as the spatial blueprint upon which our artists can focus on creating a unified world and populating it with fascinating creatures. Spatial relationships, movement and pacing, and dialogue were established with the prototype and honed with extensive feedback from test audiences both in and out of the XR industry.

Gargoyle&Doyle will be ready by summer 2024 as a multi-player version.

At the 80th Venice Film Festival in 2023 Gargoyle&Doyle was honored with the fanheart award!

Year 2023
Director Ethan Shaftel