In Production


An Interactive Experience

The interactive experience, Schiele XR lets us visit the renowned artist Egon Schiele in his studio apartment days before his untimely death. He has contracted the Spanisch flu, but nevertheless our visit sparks so much joy in him that he decides to create one last drawing – a portrait of us.

While he is sketching he engages us in a conversation where we are asked questions by him. Depending on our answers we will experience different aspects of his life. We will dive into his memories and witness important and formative moments. At the end of the conversation we will receive a sketched portrait of ourselves in the style of Egon Schiele. Duration of the Schiele XR experience: 25 min.

Year 2024
Director Drama 25 minutes per view, Germany/Austria
Writers Color Interactve, VR Ambisonic
Starring AMILUX Film/LUPA Film/ACTRIO Studio