James Simon (c) Amiluxfilm

An Invitation by James Simon

To this day, numerous world-class works of art and archaeological objects adorn the cabinets and exhibition halls of Berlin’s Museum Island, bestowed to the museums by the Berlin art collector and philantrophist James Simon (1851-1932). Amongst the many treasures he has donated, the world renowened bust of Nefertiti is still one of the highlights of the Berlin museums. But how did James Simon, a cotton manufacturer who was interested in the Italian Renaissance, medieval german art and the Egyptian and mesopothanian archaeology, lead his life surrounded by this exceptional art collection?

The VR Experience „ZU GAST BEI JAMES SIMON – an invitation by James Simon“ will showcase the inside of his private mansion in Berlin’s Tiergarten district and offers deeper insights into the collection through a personal encounter with James Simon. The duration of the experience will be about 15 min.

ZU GAST BEI JAMES SIMON is a co-production between LUPA FILM (Berlin), AMILUX FILM (Vienna) and ACTRIO STUDIO (Leipzig), funded by medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg, the James Simon Foundation and is in cooperation with the Stiftung Preußischer Kulturbesitz.

Year 2022
Director Historical, 13 minutes per view, Germany/Austria, German and English
Writers Color, Interactive VR, Ambisonic
Starring AMILUX Film/LUPA Film/ACTRIO Studio