July 2020

jan Hutter as Egon Schiele

We are happy to announce that we started our production of „Schiele XR“.

It will be an interactive experience, where the painter Schiele is telling stories of

his life - always a little different - according to your answers! 

You will witness memorable scenes of the artist's life, both from his childhood

and adult age.

For now we filmed a test with our amazing cast for our proof of concept. 

We want to know if our ambitious idea works out!

Thank you Andrea Nitsche, Arwen Hollweg and Martin Muliar!!

And of course to our Egon Schiele Jan Hutter.



  • The Schiele familie: Andrea Nitsche and Martin Muliar, the parents and Arwen Hollweg Egon's sister Gerti
  • Martin Muliar and the Insta Titan 360 camera