2022 is the year we are going to produce SCHIELE XR! 

The year is already starting nicely with this award from Shanghai!! 


We produced a VR experience about James Simon, Berlin's most generous art and education patron this Spring in Berlin. Now it is already part of an exhibition at Berlin's cultureforum!

We are happy to announce our new guidelines for the project SHTETL VR are competed. 

This is an important step towards our goal for realizing the project!


SCHIELE XR_Proof of concept

In summer we shot the first test of our new project. Now it is ready to be shown. We want to know, what you like about the project, what we could improve, or is there something we forgot about?

We invite you to preview SCHIELE XR in our office on Sat. October 31st, 2020 from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Please let us know when you will be coming, so we can schedule the event and avoid waiting times to comply COVID 19 restrictions.


Looking forward seeing you,

Amiluxfilm Team




We are happy to announce that we started our production of „Schiele XR“.

It will be an interactive experience, where the painter Schiele is telling stories of

his life - always a little different - according to your answers! 

You will witness memorable scenes of the artist's life, both from his childhood

and adult age.

For now we filmed a test with our amazing cast for our proof of concept. 

We want to know if our ambitious idea works out!

Thank you Andrea Nitsche, Arwen Hollweg and Martin Muliar!!

And of course to our Egon Schiele Jan Hutter.



Festivals with Ballavita

Busan  International Film Festival, Korea

VR Days Amsterdam

Mar del Plata, Argentina

Stereopsia European Film Awards, Brussels

Graba Mendoza, Argentina

RIFF, Padova, Italy

Diagonale Graz, Austria


The 75th Venice Film Festival invited us to show

Ballavita in the VR competition. 

We are very happy! Come and join us! 

Screening dates will be announced  as soon as

we know it and then we celebrate!


Thanks to the insistence of Michael Kolchesky we  became part of IVRPA Tokyo 2018. 

It was a close-knit circle of VR and 360° lovers, who 

loved to exchange and share information. We met a lot of new people from

different continents in this really exotic and amazing city.

(Why is no food in Austria like over there??!!)

An article about BALLAVITA made it into the Cannes Market Daily!!

 Amilux Film at NEXT, Cannes 2018

Our booth was a huge success. We presented the teaser for Ballavita and showcased the CINEMA XR.

Thanks to everyone, who dropped by.

The panel discussion Who is afraid of VR? was very interesting, thanks to

our panelists and the great questions from the audience.


In the midst of preparing our booth and panel for Cannes!

Photos by Cannes Marché du Film NEXT - 2017 Alexandra Fleurantin


In cooperation with the Fraunhofer Institute, Amilux Film hosted a VR networking event during the Berlinale 2018. We wanted to bring people in the VR scene together. At this event we met Julie Bergeron who invited us to NEXT at Cannes! 



It’s a wrap!!!Now the stitching begins and our computers are working at full capacity. We are hoping to complete  postproduction at the end of this year.

Please visit our fb page for more news!

Dance rehearsals start next week!

Preparations for our virtual reality stereoscopic film BALLAVITA are on the way. Casting is completed and we are proud to announce that Bianca & Thomas Kraml and Haymon Maria Buttinger will be in our lead roles. 

The construction of our camera rig is well under way. We will have a rig with 8 cameras. At the moment we are experimenting with different lenses. 

We are designing all our sets in CG, because our film will be shot entirely in front of green screen at the NOISIA studios in Tullnerbach. 

You can find more news and photos at our fb page BALLAVITA, which is being updated all the time!

BALLAVITA is a parable about VR. An old man is seeking for other people’s dreams. He is addicted to them, they are his drug. He is able to preserve them and “experience” them, whenever it pleases him. But this he can only do once. So he is always looking for new dreams. 

He notices the argument between Anton and Maria, a young couple and he is able to separate them, so he can get hold of Maria’s dreams. But instead of dreams he finds something else…

!!! New Film!!! ***BALLAVITA***!!! New Film!!!

BALLAVITA is about dreams.

Maria is in love with Anton. They’ve already had their special moment, but she doesn’t quite know if it will last. They see each other again at a rehearsal of their dance company, a group of twenty-somethings who love to dance tango in their spare time. Maria is hopelessly overdressed in order to impress Anton. When their romantic encounter is exposed to the others, Anton gives Maria the cold shoulder. They argue; Maria runs away….

We will produce the film for our projection box and we shall try out everything which is possible… Cinema all around!

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We start at the beginning of April!

CARROUSEL at the International Filmfestival of Hof (Hofer Filmtage), Germany.
Daily screenings at 4pm from October 26th till October 30th.

On June 5th world premiere of CARROUSEL at the ZKM, (Center for Arts and Media) in Karlsruhe, Germany.

On June 19th Austrian premiere of CARROUSEL in Vienna at the Lower Belvedere’s Court of Honor. Cast and crew will be celebrating!!!

From June 20th till June 26th daily screenings of CARROUSEL at the Lower Belvedere’s Court of Honor at 4 pm in English and at 7 pm in German.
On the 5th world premiere of CARROUSEL in the ZKM, (Center for Arts and Media) in Karlsruhe, Germany.