Amilux Film is a film production company based in Vienna and founded in 2014 by Gerda Leopold. Since its establishment the company has produced 2 feature films and is greatly renowned for developing new immersive ways of story telling. Amilux Film and its productions have been critically acclaimed and are always of the highest creative and technical standard. Amilux Film has won numerous awards and has been featured in International Festivals such as: Venice, Cannes, Mar del Plata, Busan, VR Days Amsterdam, VIS Vienna and the Diagonale in Graz.

Amilux Film is proud to announce that its latest feature film “Fabian” directed by Dominik Graf, is nominated as best feature film at the 2021 Berlin Film Festival.

Currently Amilux Film is working on three fully immersive interactive cinematic experiences where new forms of audience participation will be featured.